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Worgers and their User Pages

This is the list of Worgers:

Name Contact Worg User Page Last Updated
Adam Spiers http://adamspiers.org/    
Bastien Guerry http://bzg.fr users/bzg.org <2008-09-05 Fri>
Bernt Hansen bernt at norang dot ca    
Carsten Dominik http://www.astro.uva.nl/~dominik    
Daniel Clemente      
Dave O'Toole      
David Arroyo http://www.davidam.com users/davidam.org <2013-03-11 Mon>
Drew Raines      
Huy Z      
JJ Asghar http://jjasghar.github.io    
Matt Lundin      
Pete Phillips      
Phil Jackson      
Raffi   users/rpr.org <2009-08-03 Mon>
Rustom Moody      
Russell Adams rladams at adamsinfoserv dot com   <2020-06-04 Thu>
Sam Kleinman (tycho) http://tychoish.com/ http://criticalfutures.com/    
Sven Bretfeld      
Sebastian Rose sebastian\rose at gmx de users/srose.org <2008-09-05 Fri>
Wes Hardaker http://www.hardakers.net/    
Christian Giménez   users/cnngimenez.org <2013-11-05 Tue>
Martin Beck elwood151 at web dot de    
Christoph Lange http://langec.wordpress.com   <2016-02-21 Sun>

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